The 6 Rules Of Success



If we choose someone successful to look at as an example, like Steve Jobs, we’ll see that he never made excuses. When things went wrong, he didn’t blame other people. He didn’t refuse to accept responsibility for his own mistakes. He didn’t try to justify his poor choices.

He didn’t make excuses, because he understood that failure or setbacks are going to happen sometimes. It’s not the end of the road – it’s one step on the road to success… because either way you look at it, our failure or setbacks are actually helping us to chart an even better course as we go forward.

It’s never going to be easy in the least, but we have to keep pressing onward without fail. Success is all about graciously moving from setbacks to setbacks without ever losing enthusiasm as we stride along our way.

Truth is; we might fail in our very first attempt at something, and they could be many more episodes of failure, but we have to stay resolute while going for the prize.

Our true success in life only begins when we make the commitment to become excellent at whatever we do…and remain addicted to the concept of excellence, and settle for no less. We shouldn’t ever quit at all…quitting is merely for losers, there’s no doubt about that whatsoever, and we’ll most certainly regret doing so for the rest of our lives!

Millions of people go through life in misery and poverty, because they lack a sound plan through which to accumulate a fortune, and still they wonder why they’re caugh in the same deadend rut of a job, living pay check to pay check.

We can all change that by having the will and doggedness for betterment, and by taking positive action for change, right now!

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