January 22, 2020

The Powerful Magic Of Manifestation

Embrace The super Powerful Magic Of Manifestation


“LEARN THIS AND YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVER!” with the Magic of Manifestation.

I’d like you to imagine a garden. In this garden, the soil is always rich with nutrients what you plant, it will grow. There is rain sun so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can plant anything. There are no restrictions. 

You can plant roses or you can plant poison ivy. You can plant tomatoes or you can plant nightshade, a deadly poison. What you put in, as a seed, will eventually grow into something much bigger. 

This garden is your mind the seeds you can plant are your thoughts. Your mind is a fertile place where the thoughts you plant, will grow make up for what your life is. Or as the old passage from the Bible goes, from the book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Your thoughts, your convictions, manifest the surrounding reality. Your life, good or bad, is nothing more than a reflection of the thoughts you’ve planted in your mind nourished. These thoughts became behaviors.

Behaviors became results. You are where you are right now because deep down in your heart, this is where you wanted to be, no matter how sad or unfair this may sound.

This principle is one of the oldest spiritual laws in existence. It’s also one of the best known. You may know it under a different term. This is “you become what you think about”. And you can find this in all of the world’s religions. Some variations of this exist in Hinduism, in Christianity in basically every other major religion.

It’s found in all belief systems, like the one used the Chinese. It’s as much of a universal law as gravity. Long before books existed, wise people understood that our thoughts manifest our reality. It works on two levels.

Your Beliefs

First, your beliefs are connected to the universe on a quantum level. We manifest what we really believe.

Let me make this clear though. You don’t manifest what you think you believe. You manifest what’s in your heart. If you believe you deserve unhappiness pain, then no matter what you say, this you’ll get. 

A lot of people believe they have positive thoughts when their inner voice is always negative destructive. That voice will always win. Maybe this is why LoA (Law of Attraction) fails for so many people – they’re trying to grow trees of prosperity success while planting seeds of doubt, pain, suffering.

It doesn’t work this way. You get what’s in your heart. The universe will manifest it. But what’s in your heart is the truth we may not always know of this truth. Life doesn’t give you what you intended. 

Life gives you what you ask. And while many people intend for wealth, joy, health, their thoughts are of poverty, sadness, despair. Since this is what they’re planting, this is what the universe is manifesting.

Your Thoughts

Second, your thoughts lead to beliefs.

Your beliefs lead to actions…Your actions lead to outcomes…Your outcomes lead to your destiny.

The thoughts you plant in your mind will determine how you act, on a level that’s so subtle that you can’t even perceive it. Who you are, is the consequence of the thoughts you’ve adopted.  It’s hard to realize this.

It’s on the same level of breathing. You realize your breath only if you pay attention. You realize your behavior where it comes from only if you analyze it. But everything you are comes from the thoughts you’ve once planted in your mind then let them become a part of you.

So when you plant positive thoughts, you get positive results. When you plant love happiness, your behavior will reflect love it will create happiness for yourself for others. 

When you plant thoughts of prosperity wealth, your behavior will create wealth prosperity in the world. Think of this as the captain of an airplane. An airplane is huge, carries hundreds of passengers weighs tens of tons. Yet, you will find just one or two pilots in the cockpit, controlling this huge machine. So is with your life.

Even if your behavior is infinitely complex, there are just a few thoughts that control all of it if you replace those thoughts, everything will change for you too. The thoughts you plant in it will both manifest reality as in creating reality itself shape your behavior to create the results you want. Both are important.

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The missing ingredient between asking for what you want receiving it is BELIEF. When you believe that it already exists you match the frequency of it, it will come.



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