Sacred Geometry & Yantra Manifestation

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Yantra an Ancient tool

Yantra is an ancient tool used for meditation, in which the meditator gazes upon sacred geometric images to focus the mind… Just as a mantra is an audio prop for meditation, so a yantra is a visual prop that focuses the meditator’s awareness and, like a map, points the way back to its divine source.

With Yantra Meditation, the Sacred Geometry Code Audio System does everything from raising your vibration to clearing all negative patterns which inhibit your ability to receive the abundance that you deserve.

Also, let me add this… Yantra Manifestation is effective because it has played a huge role in changing my life and I’m confident that it will do so for you too if you do it right.

Unlike other programs, it is also easy to use and beginner-friendly so you don’t have to worry if this is your first time. 

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Sacred Geometry and Yantra Manifestation!
Sacred Geometry


The Magical Science behind the Law of Attraction