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Affiliate Marketing Alliance


Sharing legitimate online jobs and home business ideas is a new facebook public group you’re welcome to join.


This group is for like-minded individuals to come together and share their affiliate marketing programs, and business ideas, etc. Any information that can assist one in the effective marketing of their products and services are welcome.

It’s also for people looking to join an Affiliate Marketing program. People desirous of earning a decent living working from anywhere in the world they choose to. Actually, I encourage people to escape the rat race and break free from the psychological chains which have them bound to a 9-5 work regime of slavery and scarcity.

Of course, affiliate marketing (which is putting other people’s products and services on display in the hope of inducing a sale so as to earn a percentage of that sale) has been around from time immemorial, but we’re living in an age now where products, services, and opportunities are much broader and endless than at any other time in our civilization.

And therefore there are new and interesting ideas and concepts about affiliate marketing that people can share to improve the overall products and services they’re offering.

I believe one should always strive for excellence in whatever field they choose to function in, giving the utmost quality of service to the best of their ability with the highest honor and gratitude.

There is still a lot more we can learn in the field of affiliate marketing, and therefore we should always be open to new and flexible ideas and concepts.

One may feel free to join Affiliate Marketing Alliance. All I ask is that we respect the opinions of others, and strive to make this group as cordial and educational as I intended it to be, it’s also a learning experience for me as well…and thanks for taking the time to come on board, and for your input.

Lancelott Layne – group Admin

Affiliate Marketing Alliance (Facebook Public Group) – Sharing legitimate online jobs and home business ideas.

Affiliate Marketing Alliance Facebook Group
Affiliate Marketing Alliance


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