Dr Judy Mikovich Hammers Big Pharma

Dr Judy Mikovich Hammers Big Pharma in her Banned Video Interview

Dr Mikovich expounds on the perceived corruption in the health industry!

Whistleblower and former American research scientist Dr Judy Mikovich, have come out on the coronavirus (coverup) issue, along with many other issues that apparently stood in her way of progress.

In a recent video interview that went viral on social media, alluding to the apparent coverup pertaining to the virus and a number of shady issues plaguing the health industry for many years now.

The video which attracted well over 7-million youtube views was subsequently taken down from Youtube and Facebook.

Dr Judy Mikovich has been dubbed as one of the most accomplished scientist of her generation…

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Many believe that her 1991 doctorial research transformed the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

At the center of her career, Dr Mikovich issued a compelling article in the journal, Science. 

The contentious article sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

As it revealed that “the common use of animal and human fetal tissues were unleashing devastation plagues of chronic diseases.”

Dr Mikovich spoke of being arrested and put under a gag order for five years.

She believes that the real reason she was targetted was due to her discovery which simply conflicted with the agreed-upon narrative!

For exposing their nasty secrets, the minions of big pharma seemingly waged war on Dr Mikovich, apparently destroying her good name, career, and personal life.

And as the fate of all nations seemingly hangs fragile in the balance.

In her video interview, Dr Mikovich is revealing the names of those she believes are behind the plague of corruption that places all human life in danger.

In her book called, “PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION – Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.” 

She didn’t hold back her opinion on the recent COVID-19 Coronavirus issue either.

Stating her belief that the COVID-19 Coronavirus and the family of the coronaviruses were by way of the laboratory, and didn’t naturally occur.

She believes that the virus was carefully studied and manipulated in a laboratory.

Where the animals were taken into the laboratory and studies, and the Coronavirus was as a result of such study.

In this moving and eye-opening interview, she named some key figures who she believes are behind this big coverup.

Key figures whose actions obviously aren’t in the better interest of health and wellbeing, but that of their selfish interest of greed, and corruption.

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Those who seemingly stand to gain tens of billions of dollars from the vaccine (they apparently own) to treat the virus.

She also stated that HIV/AIDS was isolated between 1982 and 1983; and that the virus didn’t have to wait until 1984 to be confirmed.

She believes that the entire continent of Africa lost a generation as the virus swept through the continent, killing millions of Africans as a result of the arrogance and greed of a small group of people.

Dr. Mickovich made it crystal clear that she’s not antivaccine. She said that vaccine is immune therapy and that her job is to develop immune therapy.

There is no doubt that there have been many lies surrounding the recent Coronavirus outbreak in the US.

But this latest one really takes the cake! Right now, it is all over the news, and believing in it puts you in lethal danger…

It’s very obvious, that the fate of humankind remains in a precarious position as long as this greed and evil continue to go unquelled in our world.

And it’s critical that everyone seeks to safeguard themselves from the coronavirus, as well as from the corruption which plagues society.





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