Hello, thanks for stopping by! My name is Lancelott Layne, the owner of Lance Affiliate. Your Health, Self-improvement, Educational and informative home on the web.

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I’m an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Self-Publisher. I’m truly an aspiring person, one who’s very passionate about everything I do. I believe in freedom of the press and think that all governments should be opened and transparent, which is sadly not the case today.

I’m especially concerned about corruption; along with the imbalanced criminal justice systems in our world today and the poor who suffers greatly as a result. As there seems to be one law for the privileged and opulent guys in society, and a different one for the poor, where justice is seldom afforded to those in this poor socio-economic classification.

Now apart from writing, I love the freedom and independence of working for myself as an entrepreneur (Affiliate Marketer); and even though it’s no doubt hard work, coupled with some sleepless nights, what keeps me going is the enormous satisfaction I get from helping people; and seeing their lives improved as a result. That’s why I try to share whatever information I believe to be essential to the welfare, good health, and longevity of others, including myself! 

Lance Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing site… It’s a Safe and Trusted site that safeguards your information. 

So feel free to browse and leave a comment or suggestion in the comment section that could help to improve the products and services offered, I’m always happy to hear from you…

At Lance Affiliate I strive to offer you the very best in products and services produced by credible affiliated sources…

I simply affiliate my business with only the safe and finest of companies and sources. I wouldn’t send you to an offer or company that’s not safe and credible to do business with. 

Most of the products offered are DIGITAL PRODUCTS which are safe and easy to download…Please note that all of your information is encrypted, so whatever information you submit is safe. Which means, no one, except for the person or persons who are supposed to receive it, can read it… so you don’t have to worry about identity thieves and hackers.

You can view the list in the right column for a complete selection of products featured at Lance Affiliate…You can also follow the site by clicking the FOLLOW button, that way I’d keep you updated with new post and offers.

Thanks for visiting, your visit here truly means a lot to me; and you can rest assured that I’d gladly take the time out to personally respond to your every comment.


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