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Product Return and Cancellation

The vast bulk of items we promote on this website is only accessed through a member’s area download.
That means you receive full access to the private member’s area where your login details will be provided to you.
After you purchase the product you’ll receive these details via email.

Details that are confidential to you and should be backed up and kept in a safe place.
You might require to look in your spam folder in case any login information has actually been sent there.

ClickBank Money Backed Guarantee

With Clickbank, you’re backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products purchased.
So, in any case, if you’re not satisfied with your product and need a refund, your request will be honored as promptly as possible.

As a leading retailer of digital products, ClickBank relies on this Return and Cancellation Policy to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase.
When a customer contacts Clickbank by phone or email, their initial response is to assist in getting technical support or customer service for the customer from the vendor of the product that the customer purchased.

However, in some cases, a product may be unsatisfactory to the customer for reasons completely beyond ClickBank’s control, in which case a return or a cancellation may be processed.

Read the full ClickBank’s Product Return Policy Here…

ClickBank product subscription Cancellation?

If you have purchased a product from the Clickbank website that has recurring billing (e.g. monthly payments) and you want to cancel your product subscription and prevent future payments, you can cancel your subscription by visiting the ClickBank Customer Support website.


If you order your product from the Digistore24 website and have a return request within the return period specified by the vendor, Digistore24 is obliged by law to carry out the return request.

Information on returns by bank transfer

Payments made by SEPA direct debit, Pay now with online banking (Sofort.), or advance payments are always returned by bank transfer.

  • Returns are only made via the same payment method as the original purchase.
  • The account of the purchase must be identical to that of the return.

For refunds via direct debit, the customer’s address is required for the sake of security if the customer’s address was not given on the order form.
This must be entered via the so-called proof link which you’ll automatically receive via email from the system.

In addition, proof of identity in the form of a photo ID scan is required for returns over €200. This must also be done via a proof link.

No return is possible after 60 days!

The maximum return period of 60 days must not be exceeded. From a technical point of view, no refund is possible after this period.

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Order Policy

Order Policy