Hypnosis and Manifestation

Can Hypnosis Really Help You To Manifest More Money?

By Dr. Steve G. Jones, creator of Total Money Magnetism


Can hypnosis really change the way you think?
And can it be used to help you manifest more money?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire, I see clients all the time who want to manifest greater wealth and success in their life.

Hypnosis and Manifestation

I see people who have hit rock bottom and are in the dire straits of debt, to well-known Hollywood actors, producers, or sports stars who have hit a wall in their career (sorry, I’m not allowed to name names!)

But no matter what the difference in their situations, all of my clients come to me for the same reason: something is blocking them from getting to the next level of wealth and success.

And that ‘something’ is their thoughts and beliefs.

Even though you may not realize it, you have powerful inner beliefs about your ability to become rich and successful, which are affecting your ability to manifest wealth right now.  

I like to think about it like this.

Your beliefs are like ‘roots’ in your subconscious mind, which have been shaped by what you’ve experienced in life since you were just a small child.

From these beliefs, you have formed an idea of your place in the world, and of what you are “worth”, financially and otherwise.

So this means that if deep down on a subconscious level, you feel that you are only “worth” a salary of $50,000 a year, then unfortunately this is going to make it pretty darn hard to manifest millions right now.

It’s not that you don’t WANT more in your life…

But perhaps you have grown up in a household where money was always tight, or you’ve been taught to believe that wealth only comes to certain types of people… and this is pulling the handbrake on your ability to manifest a more abundant life.

The good news is, you can turn all of this around by using self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Manifestation

Hypnosis is what has allowed me to go from being flat-out broke and sleeping in my office chair, to being a millionaire several times over.

Imagine hypnosis as a tool that allows you to dig out the money-repelling beliefs in your brain, and replace them with empowering thoughts of wealth, confidence, and success.

Through self-hypnosis, you can direct your subconscious to alter your deeply ingrained perceptions about yourself and your wealth potential, and unleash the tremendous potential you have within you to manifest money.

That’s the power of hypnosis.

When you listen to a self-hypnosis audio, you are guided to visualize yourself living the rich, abundant, joyful life you desire, so much so that you can actually FEEL like you are living it at that moment.

And as your subconscious mind drinks in these positive suggestions, with time your old, limiting beliefs and fears get washed away.

Soon, new, empowering beliefs will take root in your brain, allowing you to successfully manifest what you never could before!

But will self-hypnosis really work for me?

It’s been scientifically proven that over 90% of the population can be hypnotized to at least the ‘Alpha’ state of hypnosis, and experience amazing life changes as a result.

‘Alpha’ is a light hypnotic state where you become less aware of your surroundings and more aware of your thoughts.

Hypnosis and Manifestation

Your conscious mind drifts off and allows your highly suggestible subconscious mind to take over, which is when the magic happens.

Your subconscious mind is where your fears, emotions, and beliefs arise from.

In this Alpha trance state, it becomes 200 times more suggestible…

Which means that your ability to reshape your beliefs for attracting wealth and success becomes 200 times more powerful… And this is only the lightest state of hypnosis!

Know that hypnosis can never make you do anything you don’t want to do.

It’s your mind, and you are still in control.

And all it takes is only minutes a day to radically change your financial destiny!

Are YOU Ready To Use Self-Hypnosis To Manifest A Financially-Free, Abundant Life?

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can use hypnosis to shape YOUR brain into the brain of a MILLIONAIRE.

I explain it a lot more in my free video presentation which you can watch here now…



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Hypnosis and Manifestation
Hypnosis and Manifestation

Dr. Steve G. Jones

As a world-renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire, Dr. Steve G. Jones understands the powerful relationship between the brain and money.

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Discover The Amazing You System 2021

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Have you ever felt like you were living an aimless life? Like there was nothing significant to make you jump out of bed in the morning; the world would still get by with you staying in all day.

Well, I felt that every single day.

I had some good days, of course, when I had plans with friends or family to go to dinner or catch a movie, but most days I just toiled my life away at work. And most nights I went home to watch TV with my cat next to me. Discover The Amazing You System 2021 I hated living like that.

It wasn’t like I didn’t have any goals; they were just too far out of my reach.

  • How could I travel the world when I had so much debt accumulated over the years to pay off?
  • How could I find someone to love when I was such a dull conversationalist?

So many “how coulds” circled my mind every waking moment. Then one day I ran into my old buddy Toby from high school. 

We hadn’t seen each other since graduation because we went to different colleges—him to Yale, and me to a nearby state college nearby so that I could visit my ailing mother frequently.

So we decided to catch up over dinner that night and it was then that I found out he was doing really well for himself.

Toby was the head of IT at a multi-billion dollar company, happily married, with a daughter and another on the way, and had the stamps of over 10 different countries in his passport.

He was living the dream—no, he was living my dream. 

I worked as an IT technician in a local organization and had been stagnant there with no sign of promotion in years.

I had no romantic prospects whatsoever, and my passport was tucked away somewhere collecting dust.

The next morning, I checked my email at home and found something from Toby.

The subject title read, “Marcus, read this.

It will change your life like it changed mine.” 

Discover The Amazing You System 2021 It was called The Amazing You, and after a few pages of chapter one, I was hooked.

The experiences narrated by the author were so similar to mine and it seemed like the book was putting my exact thoughts into words!

The book had an interesting narrative that captured my attention all the way through.

At the end of every chapter, a reflection segment forced me to re-evaluate my life choices, and I began to realize that everything that happened to me was because of me. 

We were all given control of our own lives, but I had chosen to let it go instead.

It also introduced me to something called the Wheel of Consciousness, and following its concept led me to discover what had been holding me back from living the life I truly wanted. 

It was mind-blowing how this book seemed tailor-made for me and no one else.

But Toby had said that it changed his life, and anyone with eyes could see that Toby has led a much different life from me since college! 

It didn’t seem to me like he had needed the book at all.

I called him up for dinner again and he explained that he didn’t do well in college, and couldn’t find a job after graduating.

His student debt seemed to swallow him whole, and his then-girlfriend left him shortly after. 

Discover The Amazing You System 2021

I was incredulous.

How did he get from a situation similar to mine to his envious situation now?

He told me it was thanks to The Amazing You.

He learned to take responsibility for himself and stopped blaming the educational system for his destitution.

The Affirmation practices inside the book taught him to re-tune his mindset towards life itself, and it caused a transformation so great that even his parents were reading it as well! 

I was completely sold, for the next few weeks, I read the book multiple times from cover to cover while practicing all the techniques it taught.

And I swear: my life has never been better.

I miraculously got a promotion last month.

My first promotion in six years and the company got bought over by a larger corporation and with that came new colleagues, one of whom was a pretty, smart girl called Amanda.

We’ve gone on a few dates now, and she’s like no one I’ve ever met. 

Apparently, I’m the “funniest guy on earth” to her, which is something I would have never used to describe myself in the past.

I actually wake up before my alarm rings in the morning now, and am out the door with a bounce in my step, to be clichéd.

Trust me, this is one book you cannot miss.




Discover The Amazing You System 2021


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