The Real Cause of Infertility

Find out what's The Real Cause of Infertility... Infertility can be defined in two ways: As an inability to conceive after a year of regular sexual intercourse without contraception, or as repeated ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, or perinatal loss. The Real Cause of Infertility Male and female specific factors account for about 30% of the infertility … Continue reading The Real Cause of Infertility

The Amazing New Happiness Code

Experience the 8-Minute Brain Orgasm with The New Happiness Code! Discover The Somewhat Contentious “Reverse Polarity” Trick To Manifesting Unlimited Happiness And Ultimate Wealth... Are you feeling the heat? Not just the heat waves (though there's plenty of that too). But tension... STRESS. Even depression. It's more common now than ever before, and for a … Continue reading The Amazing New Happiness Code