Never give up your Marriage without a Fight

Great Relationships usually take a lot of quality time to build and nourish…and so you should never give up your Marriage without a robust Fight.



Never give up your Marriage without a FightIt’s sad when people just walk away from their marriage which took them years to build, without fighting to preserve it!

When I first stumbled across Brad Browning’s new “Mend The Marriage” program, I thought it would be more or less the same as all the other similar products for sale on the internet.

Boy, was I wrong. 

“Watch Presentation”

This is one seriously awesome program, and I’m confident that it will give anyone whose marriage is ‘on the rocks’ the best possible chance of turning things around and living happily ever after with their spouse.

First of all, “Mend the Marriage” is easily the most thorough and comprehensive guide I’ve seen (and I’ve bought them all).

It leaves no stones unturned:

you may think that your situation is unique and that any book on the topic can’t possibly address the issues you’re facing.

Well, with “Mend the Marriage”, that’s definitely not the case!

Never give up your Marriage without a Fight

Brad has covered every possible scenario and “what if,” meaning that by the time you’ve finished reading the program, your questions are almost certain to have been answered in-depth.

Not only is it the most comprehensive program, but it’s also the only guide we’re found that actually provides hundreds of real-world examples on how to apply Brad’s techniques.

Brad’s chapter on how to handle arguments with your spouse, for example, has a bunch of incredibly effective and innovative techniques that will resolve conflicts quickly and without any lingering hard feelings…and the whole book is full of this kind of stuff.  

Brad calls these “Immediate Impact Actions” — things you can do to make an immediate positive difference.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s very clear that the psychological techniques recommended in “Mend the Marriage” have been researched and tested by men and women in the real world.  

Never give up your Marriage without a FightBrad Browning is an experienced marriage coach, and his time working with married couples facing divorce is very evident throughout the book.

He also includes a number of “Ask the Counsellor” boxes where a certified couples counselor weighs in on a variety of hot topics.

Brad claims that almost all marriages can be salvaged, even if things seem hopeless right now…

And while that may sound unreasonable at first, I actually tend to think he’s being completely honest.  

It’s no stretch to imagine that, as he states on his website, anyone who reads and applies his techniques is almost guaranteed to see dramatic improvements in their marriage.

The testimonials on his website are clear evidence that this program works, too.

What about the program itself?

The core of the program is a 240-page e-book, professionally written & presented.

There’s also an audio version and an excellent 7-part video series, plus three bonus e-books and some handy team-building worksheets.

The best part?

Never give up your Marriage without a Fight

It’s all available instantly from Brad’s website…

There are no shipping fees and no waiting around for the mailman because you can download the entire program within 2 minutes of ordering.

That’s great news, considering that when you’re trying to stop divorce and win back your partner’s love, time is of the essence!

If you’re ready to get instant access to all of Brad’s sneaky psychological tips and techniques, head over to his website and watch the free video presentation now.

Trust me, you won’t regret it… and it might just make the difference between “divorced and lonely” and “happily ever after”.  

So Never give up your Marriage without a Fight… Wishing you all the best.

Check out the presentation, along with our Clients Testimonials by Clicking the link below!


“Mend The Marriage”


    Never give up your Marriage without a Fight  

Never give up your Marriage without a Fight



Brad Browning’s “Mend the Marriage” program is easily the most comprehensive and most effective guide to stopping divorce and saving your marriage.

After reviewing a number of similar products, I recommend “Mend the Marriage” as the #1 choice for anyone facing a marriage crisis.  


Never give up your Marriage without a Fight  


Learn The Art Of Talking to Men

Confine Him to Your Heart and Soul


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How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines

Many people are asking the obvious and poignant question…

How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines?

If you’ve found this page, you’re extremely lucky in my opinion…because there seems to be a rabid effort to scuttle people’s true and independent opinions about the Covid Vaccines.

So really, how safe are the Covid-19 vaccines that have all sprang up all over the place.

That’s the interesting question many people are asking themselves, and rightly so.

Now with a number of Covid-19 vaccines on the market, I’m personally becoming more skeptical about their safety.

And I don’t think that I’m alone in relation to this skepticism either.

How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines

They are about 150 coronavirus vaccines in the development stages globally.

And that’s no accident when you consider the profits to be derived from their production and distribution.

The truth is that they are many wealthy people who stand to profit off these vaccines…that’s the nature of big pharma, a multibillion-dollar industry.

However, we have to analyze the greed surrounding the people who stand to profit greatly off these vaccines.

Do these people truly have the interest of the masses at heart, when you weigh their greed for wealth and personal enrichment with the safety of these vaccines?

I guess we all know the answer to that question.

The United Kingdom has already started to give the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to its vulnerable citizens over the age of 16.

We know that vaccines are immune therapy according to Dr. Judy Mikovits.

But I’m personally skeptical about the warp speed at which they’re being presented to us.

I personally would not take a Covid-19 vaccine at this time.

How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines

And I don’t believe that I would be doing so in the future either, in the interest of my health and wellbeing.

Simply because I believe more in the natural healing properties of the wonderful herbs mother earth has blessed us with.

I personally refuse to be a test subject or a guinea pig, in the chess games of the greedy and unethical wealthy few. 

Those who stand to gain tens of millions from these vaccines and the ill health of the world.

Discover the Forgotten Power of Plants with Dr. Nicole Apelian.

You’ll find 800+ beneficial plants and remedies in “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.”

This book includes recipes of tinctures, teas, decoctions, essential oils, syrups, salves, poultices, and infusions.

As well as many other natural remedies that our grandparents used for centuries.

Learn about The 3 plants you need to throw in your shopping cart to fight coronavirus.

These vaccines could be causing adverse side effects that could be detrimental to our health in the long run.

How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines

We’re already beginning to notice some of the dire side effects caused by these vaccines that are being rushed onto the scene.  

Clearly in the interest of politics, wealth, and the self-enrichment of a few greedy, unethical, and wealthy people.

A Tennessee nurse manager Tiffany Dover, recently fainted while speaking to reporters during a press conference about the coronavirus vaccine, minutes after she received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

However, she appeared to be fine minutes later, stating that she often faints whenever she experience any kind of pain.

So no one really knows whether or not her fainting was a result of her taking the vaccine. 

The truth is that they seem to be tremendous downsides to these vaccines…when one weighs the benefits with the potential harm they can cause to you.

So the all-important question of how safe is the Covid-19 vaccines is one we’re left to ponder. And we all have the right to decide what’s right or wrong for us.

Because our choices could very well be a matter of life or death. 

We all have to take very good care of ourselves in the interest of survival, and all we can do for now is to be wary of all these vaccines, and Stay Safe! 🙂

The only way to truly protect yourself from the Coronaviruses, and every other virus and disease is to strengthen your immune system so it can put up a safe defense against these viruses and diseases.

Click the below to learn about the ”Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies.”

And avail your knowledge of all the medicinal Plants and Lost Cures of North America…


How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines





“This Will Affect Everyone” – Robert Kenedy Jr…

How safe are the Covid-19 Vaccines

Watch the provocative and banned Viral Video of Dr. Judy Mikovits interview

They Don’t Want You To Know This Information – Dr. Judy Mikovits Tell The Truth

The provocative David Ike banned interview

Dr. Judy Milkovich Hammers Big Pharma

The Amazing Lost Book of Herbal Remedies


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The magic of an abundantly rich brain


The Magic of an Abundantly Rich Brain can help you to make Quick Money!


Do you think if someone screws up, say get into a drunk driving accident, and almost kills someone…should they be redeemed?

A lot of people think so, give the cancel culture we’re in. But I disagree.

Winter Vee… the creator of the Millionaire’s Brain Academy… has helped countless people make quick money… Even when they were dead broke, laid off, and ready to lose their house.

He himself went from being crushingly in debt to having $1.5 million dollars practically handed to him. 

The magic of an abundantly rich brainBut he has a dark past, what many would call an unforgivable secret.

When he was at his lowest financial point, he went out driving drunk, lost his grip of the wheel… And spun completely out of control into the middle of the road.

He could have killed someone…But instead, he chose that rock bottom moment as the time to CHANGE THINGS.

He was tired of being broke…tired of being desperate…

And tired of being in debt.

Can you relate to any of this? I’m so glad he dug himself out of his pit because now he can help us all do the same.

If things are tough right now… if you feel strapped for cash… if you feel like any moment can be the last time you pay the rent on time…

Then you need a real mindset shift.

You need to change both your energetic vibration and your mindset around wealth.

You need to change your BRAIN…

And Winter Vee is the expert around changing your brain for the sole purpose of attracting money.

It might not be a very big surprise given his past record.

The magic of an abundantly rich brain

In fact, he’s already declared bankrupt 4 times.

Each time coming back even richer than before.

You could even say he’s somehow using bankruptcy to become richer… And he’s not the only one.

Recent studies have shown that people who file for bankruptcy, do better than those who don’t.

But please don’t misunderstand me.

I am not asking you to file for bankruptcy so that you can become rich. In fact…

That is actually one of the toughest ways to become rich.

Here’s a faster and more reliable way.

I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty of how these geniuses actually do that, but what I can share with you today… Is that there’s something very special about these people.

People like Donald Trump, or even Henry Ford… So… What’s so special about them? Yes, you’re right.

The magic of an abundantly rich brain

It’s their brain. These people have a whole different kind of brain.

A brain wired such that no matter how dire their situations are…

Or no matter who tries to stop them or knock them down…

They will rise up to build the immense wealth, that they so rightly deserve and desire…

And fortunately for you, after millions of hours of researching how these incredible brains work.

The secret is finally out… how you too can have an abundantly rich brain.

You can finally learn exactly how you can transform your brain into the very same money magnet that they possess…

That will instantly propel you towards a life of abundance and prosperity.

The secrets are available here… For a limited time.

It may not be a very big surprise given his past record.

If you saw a $10 dollar bill lying on the floor while walking down the street one day, would you pick it up? According to studies at Cambridge, if you had a “Rich” brain, you wouldn’t pick it up.

The magic of an abundantly rich brain

Why? Simply put…

The rich’s brain happens to work differently from the rest.

Their mind’s eye focuses entirely on seeking out the exact things that will make them rich.

Everything else is simply a distraction to them.

Luckily for you, thanks to technology and thousands of researchers out there…

It is now known to be possible to rewire the neural pathways in your brain, powering it into a money-making machine.

Learn about the groundbreaking, proven methods that will transform your brain into an abundantly rich brain… which is The Millionaire’s Brain!

The magic of an abundantly rich brain



The awesome 15-minute Manifestation System

Manifest Wealth with Manifestation Magic

Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth

Ancient Kings Reveal their Secrets for Wealth & Success

9 Principles of Conscious Manifestation

What Is The Law Of Attraction?



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The Amazing New Happiness Code

Experience the 8-Minute Brain Orgasm with The New Happiness Code!

The Amazing New Happiness Code

Discover The Somewhat Contentious “Reverse Polarity” Trick To Manifesting Unlimited Happiness And Ultimate Wealth…

Are you feeling the heat? Not just the heat waves (though there’s plenty of that too).

But tension… STRESS. Even depression.

The Amazing New Happiness CodeIt’s more common now than ever before, and for a lot of reasons (even besides the obvious).

The thing about stress, depression, or just plain “feeling bad” is that it takes EVERYTHING from you.

Health goes down…motivation’s wiped out…and charisma shrinks until you’re not so fun to be around.

That’s why if you want to have the best success in every area of your life…you’ll want to get happy right now.

Easier said than done right?

The problem with trying to chase “good feelings” is this:

It almost always pushes you to “fake it til you make it” or do something to escape your life.

Put a plastic smile on your face all day… or go take a few shots of whiskey and watch Netflix.

Neither will work for most people.

The Amazing New Happiness Code

What I want is for you to smile naturally BECAUSE you feel good.

And I want you to enjoy those shots of whiskey and TV if it’s in genuine celebration of a life you love.

That’s why I’m so psyched for something called the New Happiness Code. 

It’s a way to “get happy” I’ve never seen before.

You don’t need willpower… or anything good in your life happening at all.

You don’t have to learn anything or do endless meditations or affirmations.

What do you get once you have this in your life? Well, everything picks up automatically.

You get luckier…people want to spend time with you…sickness and injuries just seem to go away on their own (this baffles doctors!).

The Amazing New Happiness CodeAnd yes, you end up with a healthier bank account too.

Everything gets better when you change yourself on the inside.

Take a look and see what’s possible.

Can’t manifest abundance with programs like The Secret or The Law Of Attraction?

Well, 2 professors from Harvard just discovered something that amazed them…

They discovered that the root cause of scarcity actually has to do with the magnetic polarity of your brain.

It’s true.

New research has shown that if you’re not manifesting abundance in your life right now…

It’s very likely your brain is “stuck” in a negative polarity.

Luckily, a simple morning ritual has made it incredibly easy to reset that polarity from scarcity to abundance.

In fact, this man used it to manifest 250k in a single weekend… And that’s after living in his car and barely scraping by for 5 years.




The New Happiness Code    



The Awesome 15-Minute Manifestation

Manifest wealth With Manifestation Magic

Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth

Ancient Kings Reveal their Secrets for Wealth & Success

What Is The Law Of Attraction?


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Learn How to Manifest Your Desired Life

Start living an aligned life so that you can effortlessly manifest!

Learn How to Manifest Your Desired Life

Here’s the moment you have all been waiting for – the answer to everything, how do you actually use the Law of Attraction to manifest so that you truly are living your best life?

There are many shortcuts and tricks, vision boards, meditations, and crystals out there, and yes they all help, they all have a place in your life for working with the Law of Attraction, without a doubt!

But the bottom line is you have to become an authentic vibrational match to the life you desire. Your alignment is everything.

It’s not enough to wish for things and make a list, you have to actually become what it is you want.

Learn How to Manifest Your Desired LifeIt’s not about longing for a change or wanting all these things you don’t have.

It’s about aligning with your true self and attracting the life you desire by being it right now, already, before it’s manifested.

How do you manifest the life you want?

Now you’re wondering, ok fine but how do I become a beautiful house by the ocean?

How do I align with a million dollars when I have debt?

So let’s explore what that really means. We live in a vibrational universe, where like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever vibrational frequency you give out, you get it mirrored back to you by the Universe.

You can practice with this law and attract small things into your life really easily, but you cannot use it to create your best life, the life of your highest calling without aligning with your true spirit, or soul.

That means that you have to get really raw and authentic with who you are, why you want things, and understand exactly how to operate from the essence of who you are.

In our above example about the beautiful house by the ocean, you have to think about why you really want that house.

Yes, you want to live in a wonderful place, but what’s behind that desire?

A yearning for freedom?

A desire to live a calm life?

Learn How to Manifest Your Desired LifeThose things are available for you to embody right now.

If you want freedom, be free, act free.

Do things that align you with that feeling of freedom.

If you want a beautiful place where you can entertain your friends, create that wherever you live right now.

If you’ve dreamed of a tranquil garden where you grow your own produce, create that now.

Even if it’s a tiny container of herbs on your balcony, the point is that you get out of the habit of yearning for the unreachable and you start living an aligned life, right now.

When you do that, you line up with your desires through your emotional vibration. 

The secret of manifesting your best life is about understanding who you truly are.

When you approach your life from the true place of your inner spirit, your soul, or higher consciousness, you come to understand that you have the incredible power to create everything you desire.

Learn How to Manifest Your Desired Life

Getting to know your true essence and becoming authentic puts you in the flow of life and connects you to everything you desire.

I learned this myself through writing.

When I was embarking on my spiritual journey and writing my books, I was still very caught up in the desires of my ego, wanting some kind of recognition, fame, and public admiration or approval.

A lot of what I was writing, I was doing it for this validation from others.

My desire for abundance was very tangled up with this.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting recognition for what you do, but it can’t be the sole reason you do something.

When I realized that I needed to enjoy my work simply for the pleasure it brought me at the moment, everything changed.

I started to look forward to my writing process and was far more likely to get absorbed in the creative flow, simply by forgetting about the outcome and enjoying the present moment of it.

You can apply this to everything you desire.

When you connect to this sense of yourself it’s so much easier to see how effortlessly things can flow to you.

Manifest the love, the success, the wealth, and the prosperity that’s rightfully yours!






The Awesome 15-Minute Manifestation

Manifest wealth With Manifestation Magic

Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth

Ancient Kings Reveal their Secrets for Wealth & Success

What Is The Law Of Attraction?


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10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn’t Believe in

Find out what are the 10 Manifestation Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now!

10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe in

You already understand that knowledge is power, and that when used properly it can change the world…

But before taking on changing the world, there are little changes each and every one of us struggles with.

The ones we reject because we don’t fully understand them. Manifestation, Attraction, the Law of Abundance are all widely misunderstood topics.

10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe in

They are often rejected by people as some sort of mumbo jumbo hippie talk.

And that’s just because there are countless myths surrounding them.

Myths that have been ingrained in our general knowledge and belief system so much, that we end up completely rejecting the true benefits of manifestation.

While there are numerous manifestation myths, I’ll share just a few of the ones I’ve personally struggled with.

The ones that made my path cluttered with obstacles.

And the ones that, once eliminated, paved the way for true abundance in my life.

1. Avoid Negativity!

So many self-made manifestation “gurus” preach this, and it’s impossible.

Negativity is not what comes from the outside. It’s our response to negative behavior, speeches, and actions.

When met with understanding and compassion, negativity is the first building block on your path of self-fulfillment and manifestation.

Become the energy you believe in and share it with others!

2. Focus, Fixate, Obsess!

This is the most harmful myths out there. Obsessing about ANYTHING will only lead to frustration.

10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe in

It starts with excitement.

Then quickly turns into frustration.

The energy, the vibration you’re sending into the universe will no longer be a positive one. And you will not manifest your desires!

You will BLOCK them.

So stop obsessing! You need to TRUST that you will manifest what you want.

3. Abundance = Material Gain!

I personally started my manifestation journey desiring a better financial situation.

I wanted to finish my mortgage early to get rid of my student loans and to qualify for a lease on a new car I really want.

I even put them up on a vision board, alongside photos of my dream vacation destinations.

And nothing happened.

Because every time I would look at them, I’d be sad and frustrated seeing all the things I did not have!

Only when I gave up those feelings and realized that manifestation starts with a positive state of mind I was able to manifest them all.

4. It’s All About the Destination!

10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe inFALSE!

And you might have felt it by now. Because when you only focus on the final goal you miss amazing opportunities along the road.

You miss connections, experiences, and most important, valuable life lessons that make the journey easier.

So to put it simply, stop and smell the roses!

5. You Manifest Through Your Thoughts!

Now this will never happen!

If you believe you can lie on your couch and a bag of cash will drop from the sky on your lap, you’re dead wrong!

Manifestation works through thoughts, actions, feelings, AND frequency/vibration combined!

You won’t be able to manifest anything if you don’t take action towards your dreams.

So yes, you need to open up and talk about your plans! You need to take action, even if it’s with baby steps.

It’s better than doing nothing and it’s definitely part of true manifestation techniques!

6. Manifesting Is Hard and Difficult!

No! Manifestation should not be hard.

It is not supposed to be a focus drill where you’re put in a puddle of mud made by your thoughts and somehow you have to keep your head above the muddy mess you are in!

Manifestation feels more like daydreaming.

And I’m not trying to under-evaluate its power. It’s the easiness of it all which should transpire from this.

And, to be honest, daydreaming is a form of manifestation.

If you are trying hard to force things, you aren’t trusting.

7. “The Secret” Has All The Answers!

10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe inI respect Rhonda Burne tremendously and the way she delivered the message of metaphysics to the masses was incredible.

However, I do believe she neglected to explore VIBRATION, YOUR vibration, which is the core essence of manifesting.

The Law of Vibration is as important as the Law of Attraction and it needs to be properly addressed, as we all have different frequencies that need to harmonize in order to fully manifest the things we desire.

8. Meditation Requires Emptying Your Mind!

This is not achievable without years of daily practice.

So focusing on emptying your mind of any and all thoughts is not the way to go about it if you want results anytime soon.

Meditation as a form of manifestation works best if you embrace the power of surrendering and practice mindfulness.

To understand your train of thought, your belief system, and how your mind jumps from one thing to another, you need to be in observer mode.

Only then will you be able to declutter and focus on what is important to you in a powerful state of flow and not an obsessive manner.

9. Manifestation is Mysterious!

A lot of people think manifestation is a mysterious thing that just happens magically. That’s not true!

Manifestation happens when your frequency is in alignment with the frequency of creation.

When your vibration is aligned, then your intention for what you want becomes like a magnet, attracting it to you.

Like attracts like.

10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe in

When your frequency is off, that alignment just doesn’t happen.

That’s why Manifestation Magic works so well.

It focuses on shifting your frequency.

10. Affirmations are the Key to Manifestation!

Many people believe that if they just repeat a mantra or an affirmation over and over, it will make all their dreams magically come true.

That would be nice, but it’s unfortunately not accurate. Affirmations alone don’t go straight into the subconscious.

So they might have a small effect, but subconscious programming will override anything just done on a conscious level.

Luckily, Manifestation Magic overcomes this limitation by using a combination of guided meditations that utilize neuro-linguistic programming.

Along with brainwave entrainment audio frequencies that are aligned with the frequency of manifestation.

This powerful combo connects directly with the subconscious, overriding the conscious mind’s programming, and that is the TRUE key to manifestation. 

So, if you truly want a manifestation program that will hold your hand on the path of self-discovery, attraction, abundance, and freedom, then Manifestation Magic is the way to go.

And I promise you, there are no myths about it. Just clarity!


10 Manifestation Myths You Shouldn't Believe in




The Awesome 15-Minute Manifestation

Manifest wealth With Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic Amazing Testimonials

Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth

Ancient Kings Reveal their Secrets for Wealth & Success

What Is The Law Of Attraction?


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The Amazing Lost Book of Herbal Remedies 2021

Heal all your ailments with The Amazing Lost Book of Herbal Remedies!


All Medicinal Plants and Lost Cures of North America…




People suffering from ailments should give their bodies the ability to heal naturally with the wonder-working properties of plants and herbs.


The herbal remedies in these plants and herbs allow our body to heal naturally, so we don’t have to turn to the expensive and dangerous over the counter synthetic pharmaceutical drugs which tend to cause more harm to our body in the long run.

These drugs only treat the symptoms caused by the ailment, thus giving us a temporary feel-good sensation, while the root cause of the problem remains unaddressed.

Throughout the bible, it talks about the plants and herbs being perfect for the healing of the nation.

The stark reality is that these multibillion-dollar drug companies are not in the business of curing diseases, and that may come as a surprise to many.

But they are actually in the business of making money and protecting their huge multibillion-dollar drug empires, by pushing these drugs which is very harmful to our system for the most part.

Most of the time the downside and side effects of most drugs outweigh whatever little benefit one might derive from them; because that’s not the way the human body was designed to heal.

Drugs actually get in the way of our body’s natural ability to heal itself with their temporary fixes and dangerous lingering side effects.

We should always seek to strengthen our immune system by using the Godgiven plants and herbs that were designed to heal.

That’s mother nature’s way of doing her job of healing our system.

The natural compounds found in plants will help our immune system to heal the body naturally without any side effects or damage to other organs in the body.

Herbal medicine has its origins in ancient civilizations. 

The medicinal use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and well-being has been applied for eons.


With the help of Dr. Nicole Apelian, I was able to pinpoint the 3 most important plants you need to add to your diet to fight viruses, including coronavirus.

Together we’ve gathered ALL the remedies and medicinal plants of North America and included them in one book:

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

The 3 plants you need to throw in your shopping cart to fight coronavirus.

Unfortunately, there is a huge rush to buy this book right now as people are preparing their pandemic supplies.

I’ve barely been able to spare 100 copies for my website members here.

So, if you can act fast, you might still find a copy reserved in your name.

With this book, you’ll get the most powerful natural remedies that grow near you.

The most powerful remedies growing in your state.

A superfood tree has been quietly making its way into many American backyards.

If you can spot this peaceful invader he’ll provide you with food (all parts are edible), water (it can purify it), more protein and calcium than milk, four times the iron of spinach and… a LOT more:


The Tree That Every Prepper Should Grow in His Backyard.

I planted one in my backyard and was absolutely blown away by how fast it grew – over 4′ feet in just 2 months.

Best of all, this tree already grows in many American backyards, so see if it grows in your own backyard as well.

Discover the Forgotten Power of Plants with Dr. Nicole Apelian.

You’ll find 800+ beneficial plants and remedies in “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.”

It includes recipes of tinctures, teas, decoctions, essential oils, syrups, salves, poultices, infusions, and many other natural remedies that our grandparents used for centuries.

What’s also special about this book is that it has between 2 and 4 high definition, color pictures for each plant, and detailed identification guidelines to make sure you’ve got the right plant.












How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines

Watch the provocative and banned Viral Video of Dr. Judy Mikovits interview

They Don’t Want You To Know This Information – Dr. Judy Mikovits Tell The Truth

The provocative David Ike banned interview

Q&A on Coronaviruses (COVID-19)


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The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound

Embrace the Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound…


Did you know that sound is one of the most powerful tools for healing in existence? 

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound

They have known this for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, about the Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound.

Long before modern science, shamans used sound to induce a trancelike state into other people.

Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the healing process of their patients, and military leaders used sound to inspire and get their troops motivated for battle.


Actually, what is powerful is not the sound itself, what we perceive, but rather the vibration of sound.

This interacts with us and creates emotions and states in our bodies.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound

Now, I’m not talking about music. Sure, music has a very strong effect too.

Listen to a sad song and you’ll be sad.

Listen to a happy song and you’ll boost your mood, but while this is important, I’m talking rather about rhythmic frequencies that operate at certain frequencies and which interact both with the water in our bodies and with our DNA.

You can use sound to improve your health, boost your creativity, increase your focus, and even to become a better communicator with those around you.

Yes, it’s that powerful, but since you may have never heard of this before, let me explain how all of this works.

And the best way to do this is to play music to a two – three-year-old. You’ll notice something interesting.

He’ll dance.

Even if he has no idea what dancing is, he will automatically dance to the music.

Most adults just find this amusing but it’s proof of a deeper truth, one that has been revealed through countless experiments.

This is what we have a natural, automatic connection with the surrounding vibrations.

We’re automatically influenced by them. Rhythmic vibrations are something we naturally detect and follow.

Scientists don’t really know why but some assume that this has an evolutionary purpose that we’ve developed this ability to better understand the world.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and SoundOthers say since everything is matter vibrating at a high speed, since all that is around you is nothing but energy vibrating, giving the impression of solid matter.

This ability to connect with the vibrations around us and to be affected by them is found in our DNA, as natural as life itself. We don’t know for sure but we know it is true.

Even weapons are developed and even used to incapacitate people through sound.

It’s real.

It exists right now, and they have also used sound as a form of alternative medicine for thousands of years since ancient times.

Great leaders and minds of the past discovered that sound can be used for everything from inspiring fear to bringing comfort and joy to calming groups of people and even healing grave diseases, and this means two things for you.

First, you can learn how to protect yourself… Sound is not used only offensively.

There is a long history of using sound for keeping crowds under control, to stifle creativity, and to dull the emotions.

Sound as a pacifying weapon is nothing new and Nazi Germany used this to great effect.

Back then, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, an evil man which used every tool at his disposal to sell the great nazi lie, used sound at 440 HZ to keep the masses under control.

He discovered through several experiments that people, when exposed to this frequency, even for a short time, are dulled and are less likely to rebel.

Some historians say his use of the 440 HZ in music, speeches, and announcements has been a major tool for preventing the German people, tired of war and suffering from rebelling against the Nazi war machine.

While this is rare nowadays due to people’s access to information, some dictators and totalitarian leaders still use a sound at a 440 HZ frequency to keep crowds under control, dulling their instincts to rebel or to act against the interests of the leader.

Second, you can learn how to use sound to heal yourself and improve your life.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and SoundThis may also be the most important thing you can do for your development as a person.

If used properly, sound can change your life and it can change the frequencies on which you operate, so you become a better person.

You turn pain into joy, you turn suffering into hope, you turn conflict into love, and all with the help of vibrations through the power of sound.

All healing frequencies are based on the seven solfeggio scales.

These are ancient scales that can be traced back to a medieval hymn of John the Baptist.

It is the music of God and they have used it to heal and to bring comfort as early as 1000 AD.

Each frequency has a specific effect on your body.

The first one is 396 HZ. 

This turns grief into joy and it is a very strong natural anti-depressant.

Use it if you are going through a period of pain or suffering and you would like to be happy again.

The second one is 417 HZ. 

Using this frequency, you’ll cleanse traumatic experiences and facilitate change.

It’s useful if something bad happened to you and you can’t move on.

They have also used it to treat stress, even stress disorders, and to calm anxious patients.

The third one is very important. 

It is 528 HZ, and it is the natural frequency of the Earth.

This is the frequency at which nature vibrates and they prove it to repair DNA.

It was used back in 1930 by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to cure cancer patients, with a 100% success rate.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound

Since cancer treatment is big business, earning hundreds of billions per year, this discovery was quickly buried and forgotten.

This frequency is also used to manifest miracles in your life. It’s the frequency at which you’ll manifest, you’ll attract whatever you desire most.

The closer you operate to this frequency, the better in sync you are in nature, and the more likely you are to attract everything you desire.

The fourth frequency is 639 HZ.

Using this frequency you become a better spouse, a better friend, and a better communicator.

It promotes empathy and releases anger, allowing you to better connect with those around you.

It’s also a useful frequency to listen together with your spouse, as it creates a bridge of understanding and love between the two of you. It brings people together.

The fifth frequency is 741 HZ. 

Use this to develop your power of self-expression. It makes you a better writer and a better creative person.

Many famous authors exposed themselves to 741 HZ during their writing process to create their masterpieces.

It’s also known for cleaning you of toxins, improving your health, and boosting your immune system.

The sixth frequency is 852 HZ.

It is especially useful if you feel lost from a spiritual perspective. Many people testified that they’ve rediscovered God after being exposed to this frequency.

While nobody knows how it works, it makes everything clear and to see life and existence as it truly is.

The seventh and final frequency is 963 HZ.

This is the frequency of God.

Listen to it, expose yourself to it to heal, and to empower your inner child, to become once again filled with hope and joy and laughter, and to restore yourself to who you once were.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound

I’ve seen people who lost all faith in living, all hope goes through this and returns with the same spirit, hope, and ambition of a 20-year-old.

It is hard to understand how effective these are until you try them.

It’s almost a miracle how 30 minutes of exposing yourself to a frequency like 396 HZ can take your sadness away and make you smile and grin and not even know-how.

It is hard to believe how well people will react to you after you expose yourself to 638 HZ.

You’ll be able to get your point across better and even make people fall in love with you.

It’s so effective that you’ll see it as a miracle, this is how I’ve seen it when I first started this.

But how does this work? Why does it happen the way it does?

To help you understand, we must delve into the science of Cymatics and an experiment conducted by Masaru Emoto.

Mr. Emoto, a world-renowned scientist tried a simple experiment.

He exposed water to different frequencies and to music. Then he froze the water and photographed the crystals through a high-powered camera.

His findings surprised him.

The water that was exposed to the seven solfeggio scales developed beautiful, symmetrical geometrical shapes, similar to snowflakes.

The water that was exposed to rock music and to unnatural frequencies like 440 HZ, the frequency used in Nazi Germany, looked polluted and monstrous by comparison.

This experiment has been repeated many times, and the results had always been the same.

Classical music that is played mostly using 432 HZ, one of the seven solfeggio scales built beautiful geometric patterns.

Unnatural tones that cause discomfort and pain to humans lead to uneven, ugly shapes.

But you know what?

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and SoundWhile this is one of the best-known examples of cymatics, this is nothing new.

They have known it in the past as ancient Greece and Egypt.

Long before laboratories and cameras existed, people in ancient times created geometrical shapes using sounds.

You may wonder though – why does it matter?

Isn’t it just like a party trick? Not really.

Your body is made up of about 80% water.

Your body is also made 100% of energy, as everything is around us.

Energy vibrating at fast speeds gives the impression of matter. This is elementary high-school physics.

Since water is one of the main building blocks of your body, how it reacts to the vibrations around you matters. And this is only what we can observe.

Some scientists think vibrations affect your DNA, at the most elementary level, but we don’t have the tools to observe this.

We can only observe what it does to water and the effects are extraordinary.

And even without these tests, even without these experiments, you know this already.

You know how some vibrations make you feel relaxed and happy while others make you sick.

You know well that classical music will improve your concentration and make you smile while rock music can make you aggressive.

If you stop just for a second and observe the world around you, then all of this makes sense, with or without understanding the science behind it.

This is why I’ve finetuned and created Manifestation Magic around carefully selected solfeggio scales, especially around 432 HZ.

432 HZ is the favorite frequency of Mozart and Beethoven and it’s no surprise that many soon-to-be mothers play classical music from these two composers to their unborn child.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and SoundIt boosts emotions; it brings joy and a state of well-being, something that all the seven solfeggio scales achieve but this is especially effective.

Manifestation Magic is a program of brainwave entrainment built around these solfeggio scales, enhanced with NLP hidden commands. 

This means it uses sound strategically to help your brain relax and improve, to bring you joy and creativity, and to make you feel better in your own skin.

The NLP commands on the other hand are hidden, embedded messages that will rebuild who you are from the ground up so you can automatically become a successful person.

It’s like an architect that changes your beliefs, eliminating what doesn’t work for you, and adding new ones that do so you can be the best version of yourself.

So what can you expect when you use “Manifestation Magic”? Well, it works on three different levels. Let me explain them to you.

First, the selected solfeggio scales will boost your mood.

It will make you happy.

Some people who used it before reported feeling like they’ve eaten their favorite dessert after using “Manifestation Magic”.

I don’t know how it will work for you in particular but almost everyone who uses it ends up in a joyful state, full of hope and passion.

Second, the brainwave entrainment is acting as a vitamin C for your brain.

This means it makes everything better.

You’ll vibrate on the same frequency as your innermost desires and you’ll slowly manifest everything you desire in your life.

Brainwave entrainment will make you have a good day, every day, through the simple fact you’ll manifest small and big miracles in everything you do.

Third, the NLP commands change who you are at your core.

It helps you get rid of beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “Who am I to succeed?”.

It helps you be confident and powerful and gives you that jolt to pursue the life you fully desire.

So with “Manifestation Magic”, you don’t get one benefit. You get three.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and SoundYou relax and improve your brain with the seven solfeggio scales and especially with the 432 HZ frequency.

You help yourself vibrate at the level of what you truly desire so you can manifest those small and big miracles.

You improve who you are by changing your beliefs at the most basic level, helping you eliminate limiting beliefs and replacing them with a sense of power and potential.

And how do you use all of this?

It’s as simple as putting your headsets on and listening to the program. You don’t have to do anything else.

There’s no workbook.

There’s nothing to study.  You listen and let it happen. I suggest you do it before sleep.

Don’t do it while you drive because it may distract you but you can do it at home or at your office.

If you feel like your spouse can enjoy this too, then do it together.

“Manifestation Magic” is known to bring peace and happiness to couples, especially after a long period of stress and fighting.

There is just one thing you should do though. It’s easy enough. Think carefully about what you want.

If you don’t get clear on your goals, on what you desire, it’s nearly impossible to manifest it.

I’m not talking now to set goals or anything like that, although it is useful. But instead, get clear.

Do you want love in your life?

How should this person look?

Tall? Short?

What weight? 

What occupation?

What music do they like?

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound

I’ve had many customers do a simple exercise, write exactly what they wanted from their significant other, from the person who’d be ideal in their life, up to their ticks and small habits.

And guess what?

Many of them attracted this person. Some got married three months after listening to “Manifestation Magic”.

Sometimes, the person they’ve attracted was so alike in their description it felt like they were casting for a movie role.

This is the power of manifestation, and it can be more than love. It can be money.

Do you want something in your life? Maybe a better-paid job?

Maybe a sum of money? Think about it. If it is a car, write the model, the color, and even the extras.

Does it come with one of those fancy iPads?

Does it come with massage seats? 

Is it red or black or what color would you like?

The more specific you will get, the easier it will be for you to manifest it into your life.

It’s hard to explain why it works but each time I visualize and think about what I desire, especially in great detail, I end up gaining it.

It’s not always the same.

Maybe your ideal spouse is blonde and the person you attract is black-haired.

But from experience, in my life and in the life of my friends, about 80% of it will come true, like you were creating it with your own mind, and you are creating it with your own mind.

This is the definition of manifestation.

You manifest a new reality, and for this, you need just to get clearer on what you want, and my program “Manifestation Magic.”

Get clear on what your heart wants and then listen to my program daily.

From a source unknown that you can’t even predict you’ll receive your gift from the universe. It’s so hard to explain or to understand until you experience it.

But once you do, you’ll be a believer for the rest of your life. You’ll think you’ve been blind all your life and now you can finally see.

To get started and to discover how “Manifestation Magic” will help you manifest the life you deserve, click on the link below.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound



Embrace the Powerful Secrets of Vibration and Sound...




Manifest Wealth with Manifestation Magic

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The Awesome 15-Minute Manifestation

Manifestation Magic Amazing Testimonials

Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth

Ancient Kings Reveal their Secrets for Wealth & Success

What Is The Law Of Attraction?


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Learn How To Manifest Wealth Like A Millionaire


Have You Been Listening To The Wrong Advice All Along?

By Dr. Steve G. Jones, creator of Total Money Magnetism


Did you know that most people earn the average of their five best friends’ salaries?

It’s a little scary, right?

Why? Because knowingly or not, we become like the people we surround ourselves with.

Which means, when you’re spending a lot of time with someone, your habits and behaviors are going to brush off on each other.

If your friends aren’t wealthy, you’re probably not either.

That’s nothing against your friends, it’s just a simple fact…The thing is, I think a lot of people don’t realize that money-making is as much in the mind as, say, playing a sport or an instrument to a top-level.

Learn How To Manifest Wealth Like A Millionaire

See, if we want to get good at almost anything in life, we need to get coaching and guidance from people who are ‘experts’ in that area – and these people play a vital role in how successful we become in that field.

For instance, more often than not top basketball coaches were (or are) great players themselves.

So why is it then, that so many people take financial advice from friends or family members who are not even well-off themselves?

Believe me, I get it.

We’ve been raised to trust our parents and to believe that they know what’s best for us.

And when it comes to becoming wealthy and successful, if your parents are well-off business moguls, then by all means you should listen to whatever advice they have.

But on the other hand, if your parents, your Uncle Arthur, or your friend Sally are still struggling to pay off their own mortgage, then are they really the best people to be listening to?

I mean, you wouldn’t expect to learn how to surf from someone who can barely even stay on a bodyboard, right? In my profession, I see people following the wrong financial advice all the time.

Clients have said to me, “Well, I was going to do that, but then so-and-so said that it won’t work”.

And I said back to them, “Well, how much money does so-and-so make a year?”, and as it turns out, so-and-so’s not making much at all.

Learn How To Manifest Wealth Like A Millionaire

So please, don’t get me wrong… your friends are certainly an important part of your life.

But in order to become wealthy and successful, you need to start following the advice of people who are living the kinds of abundant, financially-free lives you want!

Personally, I wasn’t raised to have much.

In fact, my mom died when I was just 3 years old and my dad turned to the bottle not long after, and we struggled a lot during my early years.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d one day be rich.

Financial troubles followed me into my 20’s and 30’s. My credit card debt was building up and up and I was always living in the red.

It was only when I took control of my own financial mindset and started tuning out all of the negative influences and getting inspiration from successful people, that things really took off for me in a BIG way.

People like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and even Dr. Oz. are my own personal role-models and have guided me a lot in my quest for success.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this simple fact:

In order to get rich and successful, you need to get advice from rich people!

Want To Learn How To Manifest Wealth Like A Millionaire?

If you want to learn the true secrets to attracting wealth in your life, I invite you to check out my free mini-book, The Skill of Money Magnetism.

Learn the six steps to train your brain to think like a millionaire by clicking on the link below!

The Skill of Money Magnetism



As a world-renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire, Dr. Steve G. Jones understands the powerful relationship between the brain and money.




Manifest Wealth with Manifestation Magic

Use the “Sacred Lotus Energy” to Attract Money

The Awesome 15-Minute Manifestation

Manifestation Magic Amazing Testimonials

Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth

Ancient Kings Reveal their Secrets for Wealth & Success

What Is The Law Of Attraction?